Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Los Angeles

Sundays @ 9 pm ET on CNN

No Hollywood sign, no Beverly Hills. Instead, he zeroes in on a three square-mile area of the city known as Koreatown, where he finds a tight-knit community still marked by the 1992 Rodney King riots.


Synopsis of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Season 1, Episode 2: Los Angeles

  • Race Riots in Los Angeles and how it affected Koreans
  • Father son relationships for Koreans
  • BBQ becoming synonymous with Korean style of cooking
  • Popularity of Kogi Trucks growing through out L.A. and how their locations are tweeted daily
  • Facebook Millionaire (Artist) explaining how it was becoming an artist and not a doctor
  • Review of Sizzler restaurant’s buffet 
  • Explanation of Low Riding culture prevalent in Los Angeles (especially Imapala’s).
  • The first “Little Bangaldesh” popping up in North America
  • Jollibee (JFC) restaurant’s popularity and trying little big burger and halo halo pictured below


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