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Trip Itinerary Builder

Why Tripmark should be your travel itinerary builder of choice.

Everyone should be using an trip itinerary builder, and can help for FREE.

We have two very useful features, one that allows users to quickly add different options such as: Flights, Hotels, Attractions and another that builds a custom itinerary via a wizard using simple questions such as: Ease of Travel, Luxury Level, Location and Time Frame.

Travel Itinerary Template‘s can also be found quite easily in the “Trips” Section, here you can explore two things as well, one being the trips that other travellers before have planned out and wish to openly share with everyone to get their opinion. Second being travellers looking for travel buddies to come along can set a trip to ‘open’ allowing others who want to travel to the same destination without partners to have someone to travel with.

Tripmark is the best Travel itinerary app website online as it allows you to customize your trip in hundreds of ways, from having the ability to drag and drop markers on the trip itinerary maker to set custom markers to having a printable copy of your itinerary that one can take with them on the go, this itinerary can also be emailed to yourself or saved for offline viewing on your mobile.

Travel Itinerary templates are generally listed and labeled following the following naming pattern: <Type> <# of days> Trip in <City>, which would yield a itinerary like: “Luxury 3 Day Trip in Monte Carlo”. The budget of this trip is taken into consideration when the trip is being auto generated using our algorithm.

The reason a user would keep coming back to TripMark is because we allow users to get help from their friends in building out their itineraries. This means, you can collaboratively develop an itinerary with multiple people at the same time without needing to meet and spend hours on different machines trying to plan out a trip (although it’s not that bad!). Once your friends and you have finalized the itinerary online, you can come back and share the trip with your family and acquaintances to let them see where you went or to further give them an idea as to where you went and what the must-see places are.

Itinerary building in this sense is a process that comes before booking any hotel rooms, airplane tickets or car rentals. We help you figure out exactly what you can do and if where you thought you wanted to go is even worth while by listing all attractions available to you. If you want to just relax at a beach resort, we make that easy for you as well by aggregating reviews from around the web and letting you pick the perfect hotel. Think KAYAK for hotel reviews.

Go ahead and explore our trips section, we have recently allowed for “travel itinerary around the world” trips (RTW). Keep checking this travel itinerary blog for more information. Until then feel free to explore some already made templates being shared by our users:

Travel itinerary Australia
Travel itinerary Amsterdam
Travel itinerary Argentina

Not just another trip booking site…

Tripmark’s mission is to make the planning a trip entertaining and efficient.


We intend on doing this in a few different ways, and we are just getting started.

    1. Intuitive Interface – By providing a pristine interface to explore and browse trips.
    2. Big Data – By making sure we have all the data for you and our robots to make the right decisions on where and when to travel.
    3. Structured Content – By making sure you have everything at your fingertips. So we can help you answer questions like:

      - Where should I go?

      - What would my friends think about going here?

      - I don’t have a travel partner, would anyone else out there be interested in going here?

      - Can I find someone that lives in the area that could be my guide?

      - How can I best manage all my different travel itineraries in one place?

      - I see that on TripAdvisor, the hotel is rated great, however Expedia says otherwise, is there a solution to aggregate ratings from all sources?

      - What is the general consensus on my dining venue? I don’t have the energy to read all the reviews around the web!?

    4. Business Analytics - Hotel owners don’t have time to monitor their ratings and sentiment on all OTA’s – we provide charts, data and historical information to get a glimpse of past performance.