Top 10 Least Visited Countries

Some of the least popular tourist destinations are as follows:

  1. Nauru – 200 visitors (Smallest republic in the world)
  2. Somalia – 500 tourists
  3. Tuvalu – 1,200
  4. Kiribata – 4,700
  5. Marshall Islands – 5,000
  6. Equatorial Guinea – 6,000
  7. Turkmenistan – 7,000 people
  8. Sao Tome & Principe – 8,000 (Island off the cost of Gabon, North West Africa)
  9. Comoros – 15,000 (Island between Mozambique and Madagascar)
  10. Afghanistan – 17,500

The three reasons these are the least visited countries in the world is because there could be a civil war taking place in the country making it unsafe. The second reason could simply be because there is not a whole lot to do. Lastly, it is because the countries are too small and not popular enough to warrant any sort of travel.

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