Not just another trip booking site…

Tripmark’s mission is to make the planning a trip entertaining and efficient.


We intend on doing this in a few different ways, and we are just getting started.

    1. Intuitive Interface – By providing a pristine interface to explore and browse trips.
    2. Big Data – By making sure we have all the data for you and our robots to make the right decisions on where and when to travel.
    3. Structured Content – By making sure you have everything at your fingertips. So we can help you answer questions like:

      - Where should I go?

      - What would my friends think about going here?

      - I don’t have a travel partner, would anyone else out there be interested in going here?

      - Can I find someone that lives in the area that could be my guide?

      - How can I best manage all my different travel itineraries in one place?

      - I see that on TripAdvisor, the hotel is rated great, however Expedia says otherwise, is there a solution to aggregate ratings from all sources?

      - What is the general consensus on my dining venue? I don’t have the energy to read all the reviews around the web!?

    4. Business Analytics - Hotel owners don’t have time to monitor their ratings and sentiment on all OTA’s – we provide charts, data and historical information to get a glimpse of past performance.



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