So You Want to Come to Canada, eh?

My friends and I were interested in visiting Brazil for FIFA 2014, and we saw a “So you want to visit Brazil” post on Reddit (r/travel) and it was pretty insightful to say the least.
So we decided to spend the last hour collecting these images to share and summarize Canada for everyone who may be interested in visiting.

canadian flag
Welcome to Canada, the true north, strong and free.

Come see The Great Canadian Rockies in Western Canada.

Or Come to our “Cottage Country” and get away from the city. This is the Parry Sound Region, north of Muskoka.

commute aircraft Our airports are clean, civil and relatively new. This is the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

via rail dome car canada VIA Rail Dome train…

slide6-quebec-city_ We have a large French population in Canada, this castle looking hotel is located in Quebec.

slide7-montreal_ This is Montreal, another city in Quebec.

the skydome or rogers centre Toronto has all the major Sports teams, come watch your favorite team play. That’s the CN Tower in the background.

slide9-acc_ We love our ice hockey!

slide11-cad We have colored bills, that feel like plastic.

slide12.5-toronto_ This is Toronto, last year we had a record 72 skyscrapers under development.

slide13-canada-geo Our Country spans from coast-to-coast, and is the second largest country in the world. Most of the north is uninhabited however.

slide14-tarsands_ We are known as peace keepers and don’t have any major international or national disputes. Oh, except the tar sands in Alberta.

slide15-canada-symbols_ What were known for, you can thank us for Beiber and nickelback later.

Canadian Parliament Buildings at night Our government provides us with free healthcare and free education till high school.

slide17-multicultural_ We are tolerant and multicultural society. 50% of Toronto’s population is foreign born.